The 4th SDAY Exhibition Ongoing: Inclusive Design

15 Aug 2020News


Excellent Design Exhibition of Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents 2019


The fourth edition of the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SDAY) concluded successfully in the summer heat of 2020. SDAY is an international professional competition for young designers under the age of 35 from the 246 UNESCO Creative Cities worldwide. The purpose of the award is to reward the efforts of young designers who, through their creativity, have made outstanding contributions to making cities more environment-friendly and more livable, society more harmonious, development more sustainable, and above all, human lives better.


From Recovery: the Power of Design in 2013, Transformation: the Mission of Design in 2015, to Craftsmanship: The Spirit of Design in 2017, every SDAY shows young designers' infinite possibilities to the world. The theme of SDAY 2019 is Inclusive Design. Designers of the new era discover new perspectives and create designs that can include more people on the basis of respecting the diversity of end-users.


The Excellent Design Exhibition of Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talents 2019 will be showcasing how young designers experiment and explore the possibilities to create a better society via design. We hope that this exhibition can show you how your respect for individual differences and unprejudiced perspective will help build a more beautiful and friendly world.


SDAY exhibition on site.


Jury Comments

It has an impact or at least the potential to have impact to improve people's lives and make a difference.

It's good to see that the designer considers user's needs during the design process of daily objects in a creative way.

It's thinking about how a design process can either impact people's lives by including them in the process in a way, like co-design as a process.

It's not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach to design, but it is a design that is sensitive and considerate to everybody.

It's very important for architecture to always be inclusive. Generally, the designer must let people come in and let them use the space very well. Of course there are functions that don't allow everybody to use and in that case inclusive design should be considered.

Design is not all about commerce. Designers should never stop thinking about the other opportunities where they can make a contribution or perhaps not about profit but much more about social justice and design for everybody.

List of jury panel members.


The Exhibition was officially launched at the Jupiter Museum of Art in Shenzhen and it will be presented online as one of the serial events of SDAY during Shenzhen Design Week. The exhibition is open to public from 15th to 30th August. 

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