NOTES for optional materials requirement and arrangement


1. Photos: All photos should be uploaded on the Award website. Maximum ten photos for each item submitted. All photos should be in JPEG/PNG format, minimum 300dpi.  It MUST be actual photos without special effects.


2. PPT files: Maximum ten pages for each item submitted and should be uploaded on the website.


3. Video: Maximum 3 minutes, MP4 format only, must be uploaded online or sent to the Secretariat via WeTransfer. Unoriginal scores or music must come with copyright authorization.


4. Animation and other program files: HD video files or large programme files can be sent to the Secretariat via email or WeTransfer. Files larger than 4G must be recorded on U-disks before shipping to the Secretariat. The device will not be returned.


5. Display board(optional): NO bigger than700mm x 1000mm.


6. Tangible Projects

a)The submitted entries must be completely assembled and fully functional. Electrical products must provide a transformer and adapter to match Chinese electrical voltage: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz.

b)Shipping of entries bigger than 1m x 1m x 1m or with weight over 50 KG can proceed ONLY after consulting the Secretariat, who reserves the right to refuse any oversize entries.