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Each nominating institution may, in its sole discretion, determine the procedures, methods, and procedures for promotion, collection, review, and nomination, without requiring uniform action or following the same procedures and methods.

The commissioning agencies in each city are responsible for the actions of the entrusted organization. There is no legal relationship between the commissioned organization and the promotion office and promotion association.


More than one nominating institution is allowed in each city, and each nominating institution can nominate up to 10 professional groups and 10 student group candidates. The nominating agency can only nominate residents of their city or designers who have lived in their city for more than two years.

All nominating organizations must submit all nominees and related materials by November 30, 2019.

All individual or team materials and work materials are submitted via the online submission system. Each nominating agency will receive a unique username and password to register the nominee information online and submit information about their work (the nominating agency may also provide the username and password to the nominee, and inform them to submit it online. Works and materials). A username can only be used by one nominee. The original of the real work must arrive at the New Awards Secretariat by the time of November 30, 2019 Beijing time (address at the end of the article).


The basic information format submitted by the participating nominating agencies is:


2019 SDAY Application(Professional):

Adam Levine




Interactive media

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