Berlin, City of Design

A true center for the creative industries for both amateur and established creators alike, Berlin has demonstrated remarkable social, economic and cultural achievements in the field of design. A crossroad of diverse backgrounds and histories, Berlin is celebrated for its design tradition and contemporary creations.


The Projekt Zukunft, originating in the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, has notably had a key role in supporting the creative economy. Projekt Zukunft develops strategies for Berlin as a center for the arts; builds platforms for cultural exchanges; initiates networks for the digital and creative economy; organizes exchanges with businesses; develops new communication instruments; compiles studies; and implements innovative projects for the economy and the society as a whole.


There are five Arts Universities and numerous privately funded institutions in Berlin which offer a wide range of design-oriented educational opportunities. Thanks to these infrastructures, the city is home to more than 5,000 design students. Close relations with other institutions from around the world have created an excellent basis for exchange programs and international collaboration. 


There are also numerous regional and international networks for design and fashion in Berlin. A wide range of them are based in the city, including Create Berlin Network, the International Design Center Berlin, designpool and


The open-minded atmosphere in Berlin provides the ideal framework for internationally recognized trade fairs, festivals and platforms such as Design Mai, Update, the Berlin Photography Festival and the Walk of Fashion, all of which promote international exchange and support Berlin’s design.

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