Su Yunsheng

Su Yunsheng



Founder and Chairman, Shanghai Etopia Building Technology Co., Ltd.

Executive Vice-President of Shanghai International Institute of Design and Innovation, Tongji University;

Professor of Practice and Doctoral Advisor of Shanghai International School of Design and Innovation, Tongji University;

Executive Dean Assistant of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University;

Director of Dayou Urban Renewal Expert Committee

PhD in Urban Planning, Registered planner; Part-time Professor of University of Damstein, Germany;

Chief designer of anti-pandemic isolation space products represented by Huo-Yan Air Laboratory featuring membrane structure and negative pressure.


Dr. Su Yunsheng has been active in cross-disciplinary, cross-scale planning of AI city and the innovative design of urban products and service systems. He owns a number of global landing cases, patents and applications in areas including smart home design centering on green ecology and sustainability, modular building construction and supply chain integration. Meanwhile, he has addressed and trained personnels from governments and enterprises in various circumstances.

Apart from working as the innovation director of Master Planner for Shanghai 2010 World Expo, Dr. Su Yunsheng has also led the conceptual planning of Beijing Tongzhou Canal city as well as the protection and development planning of various historical villages and towns, including the six towns in Jiangnan areas. He has been part of the planning projects on around 10 international cities in countries including Angola, Zambia, and Russia. Dr. Su has been invited to give lectures on smart city innovations in Municipal Commissioner Training Courses of Beijing and Shanghai, Global TED, Tencent WE Conference, CCTV Program “One Person One World Show” and other events. He has also been served as the tutor of the innovation mentor in Tongji University and many institutions and companies.


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