Keita Suzuki

Keita Suzuki

Founder, Product Design Center

Product designer, born in 1982. Influenced by his grandfather, he has gained big interests in the beauty of Japanese and Asian art and crafts since his childhood. After graduating from Tama Art University in Tokyo and working at design offices, he founded Product Design Center in 2012. He deals with product design, from kitchen tools to public mobility, as well as planning and creative direction for both domestic and international companies of manufacturer, engineering, retailers and fashion labels.


Recent exhibitions start with his solo exhibition, ‘LINE by Keita Suzuki’ in 2018 at Yanagi Sori Memorial Design Center, as the first designer to exhibit at the place apart from Yanagi himself. Also, Suzuki presented his glass speaker, ‘Exponential’, at the exhibition at Fritz Hansen store in Tokyo in the same year. At Milan Design Week 2019, his ‘Emergence of Form’ installation with AGC featured the new expression of glass and ceramics.


Suzuki participated in the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015 as a guest designer. He became the first Asian designer to be selected as a finalist for the Hublot Design Prize 2016. Train and product designs for Sagami Railway 20000 series brought him Laurel Prize, the most authentic train award in Japan in 2019. He had been working as a juror and a unit leader for product design section for the Good Design Award in Japan.


His new design of the iconic Taliesin lighting for Frank Lloyd Wright foundation will be released this November.



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