2019 - New Star Award

Nanjing, China


He Qiuyao

Nanjing, China

Student Group

Gender: Female
Job: First-year graduate student
University: Nanjing University of the Arts
Major: Graphic design
Salary: 0
Specialty: Eating
Character: Irresolute
Hobby: Surfing the Internet
Favorite food: Milk tea
Favorite story: To win a war with words
How to view things: Double standard
How to kill the time: Being in a daze
How to prepare for exams: Swotting up
How to deal with things: Dawdling
How to meet the challenge: Getting cold feet
It’s me
A very very ordinary girl
The mirror of many young people — active loser
We live on, wear smiling masks and enjoy inner decadence




Category | Communication & Posters

Group | Student



The inspiration for "positive deadheads" comes from people in modern life who look positive but are actually depressed. With four themes: press the planes of the young, "don't want to live, to live," the young people in the United States, the documentary "meet at world's end" in "it ultimately doomed" penguin, mishima ji by her husband "the gum kuo restaurant temple," "my only pride is not to be understood" the young monk, and murakami south of the border west of the sun, "something dead" body "of man.



The design is based on small ICONS to represent the story, assisted by posters and cultural creations as the final exhibits to form a whole design.


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