2019 - New Star Award

Shenzhen, China


Wu Ying

Shenzhen, China

Student Group


I am a student from the Industrial Design Department of Shenzhen University in China. Shenzhen is an economically developed and highly stressed place. I usually not only do product design, but also focus on some visual communication to help people live better. My goal, I have always wanted to inspire people to think deeply about something through design. In a fast-paced city like Shenzhen, everyone is too focused on their work and study, so I want to use design to let People noticed something they overlooked.




Category | Industrial design & Product design

Group | Student



This is a story about Mr. Phone, Mr. Phone is a man who always watches phone and ignores his friends around him. I made a book which has the same shape and size as phone, and you can slide it to scan. The purpose is to arouse people's awareness about the fact that people are addicted to phone so as to ignore the communication with others.


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