Professional designers or teams and design students from the member cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) who make outstanding contributions through their creativity can be registered as candidates for the SDAY.


  • Communication


    Brand & identity, packaging design, publications, typography, posters, illustrations, information visualization

  • Interactive media

    Interactive media

    Interactive design, website UI design, PC and mobile UX design, animation design, game & software design, motion picture and television design

  • Industrial design

    Industrial design

    Automobile, furniture, product design

  • Spatial design

    Spatial design

    Architectural design, landscape design, interior design, urban and public guiding system design

  • Fashion design

    Fashion design

    Apparel, accessories, texture design, dyeing & knitting

  • Public service design and design thinking in public policy

    Public service design and design thinking in public policy

  • Others



Registration, nominations and entries submissions are free. However, entrants are responsible for all logistic and insurance costs.


  • Professional

    Grand Award

    Grand Award

    100,000 RMB per winner

    Merit Award

    Merit Award

    30,000 RMB per winner

  • Student

    New Star Award

    New Star Award

    20,000 RMB per winner

  • Best Nominator Award

    Best Nominator

    Best Nominator

    Honorary prize



The Best Nominator Award recognizes the nominator who provides the best support and cooperation for the Jury and the Secretariat or nominates the most winners. SCCDA would select the winner(s) with assistance from the Jury.

Prize payment:

1. The payment of the prize will be arranged after the SDAY Awarding Ceremony and paid in accordance with fiscal regulations and tax procedures of the People's Republic of China. 

2. The payment of the prize could take up to 6 months (starting from the second day of the Awarding Ceremony). Winners are required to provide all the info and materials needed for the payment to the SDAY secretariat before the deadline. If the submission of materials is delayed, the recipient of the prize changes or any other expected situation happens on the winner's account, the SDAY Secretariat has the right to postpone the payment and Secretariat's explanation shall be final.

3. All prizes are pre-tax amount. All prizes are subject to income tax in accordance with local law, and SDAY Secretariat can pay the prize after paying tax on winners' behalves.

4. International winners are strongly suggested to receive the prize via personal bank account. If recipient differs from the winner, a signed/stamped authorization letter is required for payment.


  • 1 Oct - 31 Dec 2022

    Call for entries worldwide

  • 31 Dec 2022

    Deadline for online registration

  • 15 Jan 2023

    Deadline for tangible works submission (time for arrival at the Secretariat’s warehouse)


  • Mid-February 2023

    Final judging and results announcement

  • Spring 2023

    Awarding Ceremony and SDAY Exhibition

  • First half of 2023

    Exhibition tour in chosen UNESCO Creative Cities


All nominees must register and submit documents online at the official website of the SDAY before 18:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8:00), 31 December 2022,  by finishing the following steps (all materials must be in English)

  • 01

    Read carefully and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  • 02

    Log in using the User Name and Password provided to nominators. 

  • 03

    Fill out the registration form.

  • 04

    Fill out the description form, one for each entry.

  • 05

    Upload a photo of the nominee.

  • 06

    Deliver the tangible projects, if any, to the warehouse designated by the Secretariat and ensure that they arrive before 15 January 2023.

  • The entries submitted for professional group shall be works that are complete, have been implemented, or have become available at the market. The entries shall be completed between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2022.


    Conceptual designs or designs that are still under development and/or have not yet been commercially launched, as well as works for displaying, prototypes, renderings and artist’s impressions, are eligible as entries only for the student group.

  • Entries submitted for the previous SDAY are NOT accepted for the new edition of the award.


    All entrants shall be natives of or have been living for at least two years in one of the UNESCO Creative Cities or Hong Kong.


    Entries shall be submitted by the nominator or by the designer or the team’s representative with the authorization by the nominator. Each entrant can submit no more than ten pieces of work.


The Awarding ceremony is provisionally scheduled (to be confirmed) to take place in Shenzhen in spring 2023. All winners, including the best nominator prize winners, will be invited to the awarding ceremony,  relevant forums, exhibitions and theme speeches if conditions allow international travelling in and out of the mainland of CHINA. 


Flight ticket and three nights’ local accommodation for each winner (one member if the winner is a team or an administrative department) to attend the ceremony will be provided by the secretariat.