Judging criteria include but are not limited to the following:

  • 01

    Achievement in utilizing designs to increase sales, lower costs, and improve product quality, productivity and profitability.

  • 02

    Achievement in utilizing designs to enhance urban environment and improve quality of lives in cities.

  • 03

    Achievement in utilizing designs to contribute to the transformation of local economies and the sustainability of social development.

  • 04

    Achievement in developing cultural diversity based on traditional cultures.

  • 05

    International recognition, commercial and societal success in designs.

  • 06

    Achievement in uniqueness, creativity, originality, innovation, aesthetics, sustainability, use of technology, and user-friendliness in designs.


The judging process will consist of two stages of detailed assessments, based on the actual products, images and additional supporting materials submitted by the entrants.

  • 01

    First Stage

    First Stage Judging will be carried out by the nominators according to the judging criteria listed above. Each nominator will decide how many entrants he/she it will recommend.

  • 02

    Second Stage

    An International Jury would convene in Shenzhen. Actual design works and supporting materials will be displayed on-site for the jurors to evaluate. All award winners will be selected at the end of the second stage.


The Jury will be assembled in accordance with the SDAY statute, including one judge recommended by UNESCO, three judges recommended by Shenzhen, and three recommended by other cities. In the absence of the recommendation from UNESCO, one more representative will be recommended by Shenzhen. The chairperson of the Jury shall be elected by the Jury members.