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Located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuhan is surrounded by mountains, rivers and numerous lakes. As a famous Chinese historical and cultural city with 3500 years of civilization, it is the first inland city in modern China to start industrial modernization. It is the center of industry, transportation, science and education, and design and creativity for central China.


Extensive publicity was carried out in Wuhan through the planning and holding of major creative design activities. A new urban cultural brand of Wuhan UNESCO City of Design was established to enhance the reputation and influence of Wuhan Design at home and abroad. 


November 1st is designated as Wuhan Design Day. On this day, creative design activities involving all citizens were held to publicize Wuhan UNESCO City of Design. 27 exhibitions and 52 various desig们 activities were held on the 2021 Wuha们 Design Day, deemed as a carnival for design.


The Wuhan Design Biennale has been held six times so far. The design themed exhibition was closely integrated with the improvement of urban quality. Furthermore, the biennale showcased the comprehensive strength of various design categories in Wuhan, eventually becoming a well known design exhibition both at home and abroad. In 2021, the 6th Wuhan Design Biennale attracted 1.5 million offline and online audiences and was host to 30 cities of design, 17 Chinese cities, and more than 600 design agencies.

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