João Ó Bruno Soares

João Ó Bruno Soares



Born in 1977, JOÃO is a well-known professional architect from Portugal who now lives in Macau, China. He has registered architect certificates in both Macau and Portugal, and serves as the President of the non-profit cultural association Taipa Village Cultural Association, Macau. He graduated from the Diploma in Architecture from Lisbon Technical University “Faculdade de Arquitectura Universidade Técnica de Lisboa” (FAUTL) in 2001. After obtaining a diploma in architecture, he worked in a professional design agency and accumulated rich experience in architectural design. A few years later, JOÃO went to “Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona”(UPC), Barcelona, Spain for further studies, and in 2010 received a Master degree in Theory of Architecture and Urban Culture.

In 2013, JOÃO and his partner Rita Machado co-founded IMPROMPTU PROJECTS, which is a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio based in Macau. The studio is focused on architectural projects, ephemeral structures, interior design, public spaces and projects aimed at the local community, as well as studying its social relevance. The duo's work was exhibited internationally, including as representatives of Macau at the 53rd Venice Biennale of Art and the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2009 and 2014, respectively. Along the way, they received the prizes, finalists of the Art Award in Public Space and Sustainability (2020, Portugal), the A´Design Award (2015-2016, Italy), the International Design Awards (2016, Los Angeles) and the 40 Under 40 award from Perspective Magazine (2008, Hong Kong).

In addition, JOÃO has also been invited to participate in academic activities such as large-scale design seminars and lectures at home and abroad, and served as visiting Professor at Saint Joseph University in Macau from 2015 to 2018. As an architect with solid architectural theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, he has made outstanding contributions to the cultivation of a new generation of outstanding young architectural talents in Macao.

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