2019 - New Star Award

Curitiba, Brazil


Luisa do Carmo Girardi Urfali

Curitiba, Brazil

Student Group


Luisa Urfali, 19 years, a student in the Design course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná - PUCPR, in the city of Curitiba. Before joining PUCPR, I majored in Design - Impact Solutions for the Future at the European Center vocational school.




Category | Industrial design & Product design

Group | Student



Street furniture, suicide prevention, the goal is to bring people closer, include, promote dialogue and sharing, without barriers and spontaneity. The structure catches the eye of passersby, invites people to discover and explore, with different ways of interacting and accommodating. Give people choice, they can interact as they please, be free. Promote reflection on suicide, and discuss and talk about and enhance the production of "happiness hormones" and make people feel good.


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